Custom domain and Sub-domain integration with firebase

Integrate your Custom domain and Sub-domain with Firebase hosting for free and get ssl certificate integration out to the box

August 4, 2017 - 2 minute read -
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Lets take a look how to integrate Custom domain and Sub-domain with Firebase hosting. We will be integrating domain purchased form GoDaddy.

Things needed

Firebase console

  • Go to firebase console, select your project

step 0

  • Click on Hosting from left panel and then click “CONNECT DOMAIN” button

step 1

  • You will see an “Add domain” popup. Type in your custom domain name e.g. and click “CONTINUE”

step 2

  • Next you need to verify the domain ownership, for this you need to add a “TXT” record in your GoDaddy account.

step 3

GoDaddy Account

  • Login to your GoDaddy account and go to “DNS manage” section.

step 4

  • Add a new “TXT” type record, enter Type as “TXT” host s “@” and TXT Value as “google-site-verification=xxxxxxxx” (you can get this from Verify ownership scree we have seen before)

  • Remove any existing “TXT” records if any

step 5

  • Go back to firebase and click “Verify”, wait for few minutes and let firebase verify your ownership and then you can see your site up and running at

Custom Sub-domain firebase section

  • For Sub-domain there is almost same steps with minor changes in adding records.

  • Open Firebase hosting section for your Sub-domain project, click “CONNECT DOMAIN” and this time we will enter Sub-domain name e.g.

step 6

  • And as we already verified the ownership for, firebase won’t ask us again :).

  • Click “CONTINUE”

  • For Sub-domain we need to add “A” type record to our GoDaddy manage DNS section.

step 7

step 8

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