Setup Xcode for Ionic iOS app

September 24, 2016 - 2 minute read -
ios dev-tools

Step 1

Install Cordova and Ionic framework
  • Run below command in Terminal: npm install -g cordova ionic
  • (Note: Make sure you have node installed.)

step 1

Step 2

  • Now create ionic app using one of ionic ready-made app templates, or a blank one to start fresh.
Create a ionic project
  • Change director location where you want to create new app, for me it happen to be dev/demo folder.
  • cd dev/demo/

step 2

Step 3

  • ionic start myApp tabs or ionic start myApp blank or ionic start myApp sidemenu
  • I will use tabs one:

step 3

Step 4

  • Change to myApp folder and run it and add ios platform ionic platform add ios

      <img src="/assets/images/2016_09_24/add-ios-platform.png" alt="step 4" />

Step 5

  • Now open myApp ios project platform in xcode

step 5 step 5

Step 6

  • Now click on app folder from xcode left panel.
  • Go to general tab of project build settings.
  • Go to signing secion and select team provisioning profile which will be same used for signing the build.

step 6

Step 7

  • Now you can build & run app to iOS simulator.

step 7

Step 8

  • (If you want to run app on real, just connect device to you mac machine and select device from device drop-down and build & run)

step 8


xcode > open another project > click on app folder from xcode left panel > selecet provisioning profile in signing section > build & run